Sunday, August 25, 2013

A man full of love...

I've never witnessed a more loving, caring, hands-on father and husband in all my life!  My husband does not get enough credit for all he does around here that is for sure, and I tend to take his love, patience, gentleness, and thoughtfulness for-granted most of the time.  I pray, however; that God will help me to stop doing that and that I will continue to notice the little things he does daily to show our girls and myself so much love and affection.

Let me start by telling you the things that my husband does NOT do!
He does not go out to clubs or bars with friends and leave me home to take care of our children till the wee hours of the morning.
He does not look at other women lustfully whether it be in person or on television, but instead turns his head or turns the channel quickly in order to honor me.
He has NEVER mentioned anything about wanting a divorce, or separation with any argument we've ever had no matter how difficult the argument was.
He has never taken up for someone else over me, I always come first he is always on my team.
He has never given me the silent treatment or let a disagreement go into another day without telling me he was sorry or trying to make things right.
He has never treated our children or myself like we are a burden, or that he cannot stand to be around us.
He does not lounge on the couch all day, or go out and play a sport all the time and ignore his family.
He does not have hardly any alone time.
He does not expect me to keep our home spotless at all times.
He does not just sit on the couch and watch me do all the cleaning.
He does not try to control me, or tell me where I can go or when I can do things.
He does not talk badly about me to others.
He does not keep things from me.

My husband does however;

Tell me everything
Trusts me with our finances
Helps me with chores around the house
Spends almost all his free time with me and our children
Changes diapers and gives baths
Play wrestles with the girls and hugs them and reads to them
He watches My Little Pony, endures hours of the girls playing beauty parlor with his hair, and even tolerates occasionally being called "princess daddy."
He gets up in the middle of the night and helps me change sheets that have been puked on or peed on, and give baths and medications at 3am.
He takes care of me when I am sick
He once took care of all 6 of us when we were all puking but him, washing out puke buckets, and washing bed sheets one right after another.
He is the first one up with our children in the mornings and closes and locks our bedroom door so that I can rest and won't be disturbed.
He gets up in the middle of the night to refill milk cups
He makes them breakfast and even starts school with them some days.
He puts the girls to bed every night and prays over them.
He makes me feel like I'm the only woman in the world he is even interested in talking to
He makes me feel like I am still beautiful to him after 6 babies and being together for 10 years.
He never neglects to tell me the house looks good, or my dinner was good, or I look beautiful today.
He still holds my hand when we are in public, still opens my car door, still flirts with me like the fist day I met him.
He prays with me before we go to bed at night and talks to me about my fears, hopes, and dreams.
He has taught me about God and leads me spiritually
He listens me to vent about things over and over again and never complains.
He does repairs around our home
He still takes me out for dates.
He sticks up for me even to family when he thinks I'm being wronged.
He puts God first, me second and our children third.
He goes shopping with me and helps me pick things out that look good on me.
He is my best friend without a doubt!

I'm sure there are many other things I could list about this amazing man.  God
did not disappoint when he gave me my husband that is for sure!  I cannot express to the world how grateful I am for Nathan and the the things he has given me in life.  He has taught me about what true love is.  Not only has he demonstrated true love to myself and our children but he has been able to teach us how deep the love of God is through his own examples.  I could never be a mom of this many children without having him as a partner.  People always tell me how they do not understand how I do it with this many children or how they are just amazed by how much I accomplish in a day with this many children, but the only reason any of that is possible is because I have an amazing husband who does just as much (if not more) that I do in order to keep our home running smoothly and our children raised up in the way of the Lord.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  He is truly my best friend!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with this man, please give us all a long life with him and help us to mirror his self-less, loving character to one-another.