Friday, August 10, 2012


I have been itching to get on here and update the last few weeks, but I have been so bogged down with catching up on my school work that everything has been neglected!  It amazes me how just ONE week of being sick and missing college classes can turn into a HUGE problem!  Here I am one week away from the end of the 8 weeks and I have three more weeks to catch up on before next friday!  I gotta say that I used to be so critical of people who were going to college.  I watched a lot of my friends who were married with a couple kids, push themselves so hard to get such great grades that they neglected their families, and ended up in divorce.  I remember swearing that would never be I am using every waking minute and even the nights to catch up on my work.  On a normal week, I could do house work, homeschooling and all the normal every day things and then start school around 7pm and finish around 12am, and it never interfered with anything.  But I get sick ONE week and I'm killing myself in order to get caught up!  I kept telling Nathan that it was so important to me to get A's.  For one thing we are paying for this and I'm not about to put my family in debt for no reason!  And secondly, my grades in high school stunk!!  I recently found an old report card and showed it to Nathan, he was completely shocked at the F's and D's I had on there!  I don't know what it was about high school, I think back then I just didn't have the motivation to make something out of myself like I do now.

So here I am 5am, and yes I'm still awake.  Tonight I am on night duty with Pumpkin, we've had an eventful couple of days.  So...a few weeks ago we decided to take in a kitten who was abandoned in a parking lot.  Our friends who found the kitten said they thought he was about 4-5 weeks old.  He was really little!  So the Friday before we got him I took Pumpkin to the pet store to get some supplies and we stopped to look at the hamsters.  I just couldn't walk away they were so pitiful!  So we got one and named it Penny.  Well Penny only lasted about 7 days.  We woke up this morning and found that she passed away and was laying in the corner of her cage.  We took her back to the pet store and they said she had a bacteria infection called wet tale.  The night before this happened Pumpkin had just finished eating her dinner and stuck her finger in Penny's cage.  Penny bit her finger so hard (smelling the food) that she started bleeding!   We put alcohol on it and wrapped it up and then today it looks like it has already almost healed up.  

All day today Pumpkin has been telling me she has a headache in the back of her head.  I gave her some Ibuprofen this afternoon and then she didn't complain anymore the rest of the day.  At bedtime she still seemed fine.  Then around 1am she got up crying that her head was hurting!  Her neck and the back of her head was really hurting.  I went to rub the back of her head and she was burning up!  She had a fever of 101.4.  I immediately gave her some elderberry (a new remedy that I have discovered recently that helps boost their immune system) and liquids.  After a few hours of crying that her belly and head hurt, she finally vomited.  She has been miserable since.  Nathan and I prayed over her and he went to bed and I am up monitoring meds, temps, and vomit!  I can't say I'm a little worried that she may have gotten something from the hamster bite, so I'm hoping she will be better when she wakes up but we are going to be making a doctor appointment first thing in the morning.  

So other than that life has been super busy as always.  Nathan and I have been looking at houses again.  We are not in a hurry but we would LOVE to rent out our house and buy a bigger house so we can fit better.  We have our eye on a house right now, we went and looked at it last weekend, we decided that we didnt' feel peaceful about it...then we couldn't stop talking about it.  When I looked it up a week later the price had dropped!!  So I called my realtor and we are going to look at it again on Saturday!  I feel like it has potential, I love the outside of it but I still feel like we will grow out of it fast.  I also am a little weary of the location, it's further out and not sure it's a great area!  So just pray that we make the right decision.

Well I must sign off Pumpkin is up again and her fever had gone up.  Poor baby is so miserable.  As always pray for us!  We can use it the next week or so!!!

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