Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Supernatural Swagger Wagon XXL.....

After baby #6 got here in September, we began having to take two cars everywhere we went!  We could no longer fit our entire family in our 7 passenger van.  Because of this and the cost of gas, for the last 8 months we have just been sticking close to home most of the time, unless Grandma was able to come over so me and daddy could have date night at the grocery store!

We realized this past week that we were going to have to rent a van soon for a trip we had planned.  That rental for a large van was going to cost us $900.00 for the week!!  We've been very budget minded the last year, and have our hearts set on working towards living debt free!  I'm sure it will take us a while to get there but we are making strides in that direction.  We decided that in order to be a good steward of God's money he has given us- it was a waste to pay $900.00 to use a van for a week when we needed one to keep!  So we went on the hunt for a 12 or 15 passenger van that would fit our family.  Every few hours of each day you could find me searching Craigslist for a van up to 200 miles away from us!  After a few weeks of nothing, I realized I needed prayer!!

I posted to my Christian brothers and sisters on facebook, asking if they would pray that God would provide us with a van that was in our price range.  Most everything we were finding was 6k more than we wanted to pay for it!  Many friends let us know they would start praying that we would be able to find a van within our price range- and one in particular that stuck out to me said that they were praying that "God would supernaturally provide" us with a van!  And that is exactly what he did!!

Saturday evening we saw a post on Craigslist.  It was a 15 passenger, 215k miles, and was missing the back seat.  It was also 500.00 less than I wanted to pay for a van!  I told Nathan "this has to be the right one cause we've been praying!!"  He called the guy who agreed to meet with us on monday!  Sunday evening when we texted asking for the vin number he told us he went ahead and sold it!!!  I was so devastated!  I just couldn't understand why that happened when I knew that people had been praying for us to get a good van at a good price!!  BUT- I prayed again- asked for more prayer and thought to myself, "my God will supply all my needs."

Yesterday we exhausted all options with finding a van.  We wanted to pay cash for it so we didn't have a payment but had to stay withing our budget but there just was NOTHING!!  We looked at auctions, craigslist, and called car lots!  We even thought that maybe we would just have to finance a little more so we could get a van!  Well I'm glad we stuck with our instincts that "God would supply our needs" because that very night after asking for more prayer, I received an email from a friend.  It told me she got emails from a ministry here in town and just tonight they sent out an email that they were wanting to sell a 2002 15 passenger van, 147k miles, 1k less than our budget price, in EXCELLENT shape besides a few cosmetic issues!!  We called immediately!!!  We drove out this morning and then this afternoon we brought home our Supernatural, God given- 15 passenger van that we can ALL fit in plus more!!  The girls call it, "our bus!"

We are beyond excited that God has been using our lives to show his miracles!  I am thrilled that at the young age my children at at that they have already witnessed the hand of God moving in our lives and answering so many of our prayers at such an early age!  I pray that The Lord will allow them to always look back on what he has done for us, and supplied for us and never have any doubts about who holds their future in their hands!

Huge thank you to all who prayed for us!! Prayer makes a huge difference!!  Thank you!!

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